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What You HAVEN’T Heard About Christians in Northern Iraq

  Watch The Film Today Here.   Watch the film today to begin arming yourself with facts, stories, and everything you haven’t been told about Christians in Iraq since the rise of ISIS. It’s only $5 to rent the film and all proceeds from the rental go directly to spreading awareness and directly helping people inContinue reading

How Obama’s Appointees Are Still Giving Into Iran Under Trump

Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq – In the Middle East, it’s nearly impossible for a Westerner to crack through the different opinions, sides, voices, and goals of the various groups, ethnicities, and political parties in order to grasp the truth within the region. Peering through the muck and chaos of regional politics in the MiddleContinue reading

Jennifer Breedon Speaking on Human Rights

Majed el-Shafie of One Free World International Makes a Plea to Save Yazidis

By Jennifer Breedon Thursday, November 3, 2016 Jennifer Breedon joined with the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow and other partners in a press conference hosted by One Free World International (OFWI). The purpose of the conference was to speak about the ongoing Yazidi genocide in Iraq and call on Canada’s government to do more toContinue reading

Interview on Feds Getting Encrypted Access Due to Terrorism Threats

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Canadian Parliament Speech on Persecution 3 April 2017

Celebrating Freedom for Genocide Victims in Mid East

Speaking on Rights of Genocide Victims in Iraq & Syria: One Free World International

Celebrating Freedom: Jennifer Breedon Speaking on Genocide Laws at minute “47:00”

State of Christians in Iraq

NY/NJ Bomber (9/19/2016)

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Burkini Ban Discussion on America Trends

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