Jennifer Breedon is the President of Breedon Law International and an attorney specializing in International Law and U.S. Foreign Policy. She’s been featured on numerous American and International media outlets.  Her articles and comments have been featured in Huffington Post, RT International, Fox News, Al Hurra TV, USA Radio News, Rebel Media, and many others. Contact Jennifer for an interview or media comment below.

Jennifer has aided several nonprofit organizations in their work with persecuted minorities and extremism around the world including One Free World International, European Centre for Law & Justice, and The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow. Jennifer has traveled extensively to the Middle East to meet with government officials and discuss Islamist ideology with population even going to the front lines of the fight against ISIS in Iraq.  In Egypt, Jennifer set up a sewing factory for the family members of 21 Christians beheaded in 2015 by Islamic State militants in Libya.

Jennifer also played a role in the negotiations that led to the release of 42 Christian hostages in February 2016. She has since worked with government officials in Northern Iraq to ensure humanitarian and security protection for the victims of ISIS. Jennifer worked for the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law as well as the American Center for Law & Justice where she clerked in the international law department analyzing Middle East issues.  At the Center for Global Justice, Jennifer performed legal work for organizations involved in combating human sex trafficking and was selected to speak at the Southeastern Crime Stoppers Annual Convention in 2014. While still in law school, Jennifer wrote the first legal journal article providing the legal argument to label groups like ISIS as “genocidal” in nature and calling on the redefining of the term “terrorism” to promote International Courts with the justification to prosecute such groups and defeat the ideological war of Islamist extremism.

Jennifer’s work has been published in the Brazilian Journal of International Law and the Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy, entitled, respectively, “Redefining Terrorism” and “Why the Combination of Political Lawfare and Universal Jurisdiction Will Destroy the Sovereignty of States.” She has championed the genocidal designation by ISIS since before it was established and used her expertise to aid members of U.S. Congress in unanimously passing the bipartisan Resolution of March 2016 that declared genocide against Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State. Jennifer continues to fight for human rights and advocates for minorities persecuted throughout the world.

Jennifer received her BA in Political Science from Georgia State University and her JD from Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach where she studied National Security and Constitutional Law from America’s most prestigious legal minds, including U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and Litigator James Duane, author of “You Have the Right to Remain Innocent.”  Jennifer provides analysis on various media outlets for topics involving international criminal law, human rights, and legal matters, and has been a featured speaker for dozens of high-profile events throughout North America on topics involving human rights, terrorism, and criminal law.

Jennifer Breedon Speaking on Human Rights


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