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Narrating the Documentary: “Save the Christians: The Forgotten Refugees”

I’ve been honored to be partnered in the upcoming documentary film, “Save the Christians: The Forgotten Refugees” which is premiering March 8, 2018 in Toronto, Canada. In conjunction with Rebel News Network, this is a film that will finally showcase the real issues facing Christians in Iraq over the past several years and rather than focusing only on the darkness, it will discuss the future, hope, and options for a solution to aid in the survival of this persecuted faith group.

Follow the film and its featured screenings at savethechristians.com to see when it’s coming to a theater near you.

I traveled to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq again in September 2017. I went to meet with the persecuted Christians in the region as well as observe their independence vote. I’ve been to many regions where Christians are persecuted and live in fear or hiding with different forms and faces of oppression continually over the past 5 years. One thing I’ve learned is that many organizations are able to report on issues, but few work with whomever they can to uncover solutions and unmask the HOPE for these people or even share the hope from their own mouths. I’m proud to be able to delve into the Christian in Iraq in this film and truly speak to their past, present, and most importantly, their future and future existence.




Catch Jennifer on Episodes of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Pleasure” on America Out Loud – via iTunes podcast

I joined 9 incredible women co-hosts as well as the incomparable Malcolm Out Loud – our humble (and brave) moderator on a dynamic Season 2 of this amazing show.  “Life, Liberty” touched on topics ranging from terrorism, to international human rights, to Womens rights, to political underbelly in the United States today.  Women on the show were liberal, conservative, cops, gold star mothers, civil rights activists, and psychologist.  There is no issue we didn’t cover and the full run of Season 2 can be found right on your iTunes Podcast. There is nothing more powerful than hearing women from 4 different countries discuss immigration; from left and the right discussing Donald Trump and liberal/conservative values in a respectful manner; and left-wing women speaking with a persecuted Iraqi woman seeking asylum in the United States.

Letting the “silent voices be heard.”


Official Opening of Breedon Law International, LLC

Breedon Law International is a long-time dream of mine.  During its preliminary evolution, I jumped from nation to nation speaking with as many people, officials, military leaders, and local civilians as I could.  Studying to understand the lives of those on every side of the aisle and everywhere in between.  I’ve found that so many issues we face and lose fellowship over can generally be understood by just going to the front lines (in my case, literally doing so).  We are a company that ENABLES, EMPOWERS, and EQUIPS people all over the world with the tools to provide basic justice, freedoms, liberties, and a fair hand to all those who seek it.

As part of our mission to equip and inform, we take our knowledge to the airwaves via television and radio to discuss aspects of foreign policy and international law that mainstream media outlets today simply do not understand and cannot objectively analyze. We do this through TV/Radio interviews as well as speaking engagements and company/agency training on the issues we specialize in. We are a consulting firm based on the principals of providing truth, context, and understanding to the most important issues facing our nation and around the world today.

With 10 years traveling across the globe meeting with people from every corner of the planet, I’ve uncovered so much information and understanding on the threats of radical Islamist activities, powerful reformers working to stop it, and the political chaos surrounding Washington, DC and every corner of America, that I can not keep it inside.

I have also seen the abuse of power from so many lawyers in the US and good people out tens of thousands of dollars simply because they didn’t understand their rights.  And by the time they want to fight for those rights, they have already lost everything.  Sometimes all we need is someone to just give us some sound advice or look over a contract or tell us whether our issue even provides us with a better resolution than what we think we will be granted. We don’t want to retain an attorney for thousands of dollars and because we don’t have the means, time, or resources to simply reach out for advice or someone to point us in the right direction, we end up throwing in the towel.  I’ve also witnessed that there is no better legal training than what’s offered in North America – specifically the United States as attorneys are forced to attain a Juris Doctor degree nearly equivalent to any other doctorate and much tougher than a masters.  Because of this, US trained attorneys can offer attorneys all over the world training, resources, and knowledge that they never had with their training being equivalent to a US-bachelor’s degree.  There ARE attorneys in oppressive countries that want to help, and there are not enough companies or organizations training and providing these attorneys with resources, skills, and training to truly help persecuted men, women, and children.  That is what Breedon Law International does.

I believe the more we are aware of objective truth, the more we will be able to find solutions to protect our homeland and fight for those begging to be heard.

*Author’s Note:  Stay tuned for updates on the official launch date of Breedon Law International’s new website!


Upcoming Video Blog Series: The Issues That Matter Most Today – 101s

I will be releasing a brand new Video Blog series that you can catch on my YouTube channel or right here at Jenniferbreedon.com.  There is so much news constantly, that I want to focus on short “101” VLOGs to highlight important issues and what may be right or wrong about them as well as providing some context, insight, and understanding.

Some topics to be covered will be the Trump Russia Probe, Immigration 101s and Immigration law, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, the Islamist doctrine of Taqqiyah, Shariah Law, and current political platform policies in the United States.

Is there something happening in the US or across the globe that you wish you could hear more about or understand better? Send me an email and let me know! We’ll try to cover as much as we can through the end of April 2018.

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